Here we want to showcase pups that have been bred by Estrik Kennels over the years and the wonderful families who have loved and enjoyed an Estrik Bouvier.

If you have a photo we would love to display it. Please feel free to e-mail it to us with some details. Thank You  

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  Max ( owned by Wayne and Darralyn-Sue Burleigh- W.A.). Max was an Eros son.

Raarko (Esrtrik Raarko) is loved by the Helen and Terry.  



 Tosh and Ushi with their special friend Damien.





Henry (Estrik Kane) is owned by the Hollett family.


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Ody  moving on her way to Best of Breed- Brisbane Royal 2002  

 " What happened to you?!" 

Isie ( Estrik Image) making sure that is still Bernie (Estrik Prejean) with happy Neisje in the background



Sierra (Aust Ch Estrik Sierra ) who has multiple obedience, endurance and herding awards. Her "sparring partner" is Mandy Doyle.   

Riga (Estrik Tamara) is loved and owned by Fay and her family 



Estrik Toukley, or as we called him "the Touksta", was Lachlan and Todd's first "own dog" 
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One of the pups from our "U" litter


Beryl and Freda (Estrik Undaunted)


Freda as a big girl and her Boxer brother.


Ranger (Estrik Voldemort) and his partner in crime   Alexa


Eric and his girl Willow (Estrik Yolanda) 

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Barnabus( Estrik Wolfgang) went all the way to Hawaii. Lucky Boy!!



 Max (Estrik Yako) before he was too big for the picnic table.



When you gotta sleep you gotta sleep!! Max ("Y" puppy)is loved by Helen and Theo from Sydney



 Mishka (Estrik Ygor), Lulu and Maddy. 




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Ross and Dougal ( "Z" Litter) Christmas 2005 ""A" Litter Reunion- Feb 2006 Argus ( "A" Litter) -action shot!! He is very much  loved and spoilt by the Brandjes family Baylee ( "A" Litter) lives the "high life" in WA . She lives with Boss, Darralyn and Wayne. Bouviers doing what they do best!! Every year they pull the gear back to the car for us after Melbourne Royal (barking and smiling all the way I must say)