Clem's Wireless Set No 11

A little background to and some views of the set.

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Some information about this interesting radio:

The Wireless Set No. 11 (Australia) was designed to replace the Wireless Set No.101. It is a combined sender and receiver with a frequency range of 7.5 Mhz to 4.5 Mhz. it operates on CW, MCW and R/T.

The sender was designed to operate from two different high tension supplies. The effective range of communication on high power being about twice that on low power under the same conditions.

The main tuning control for the receiver is also the the master control for the sender, so the transmitt frequency is automatically adjusted to the same frequency as the signals being received.

The set has nine valves three of which are common to sending and receiving. The receiver is a superhetrodyne circuit with AGC. The sender is grid modulated for MCW and R/T.



Top view of set with case removed.




View of Low Power PSU with cover removed.




View of High Power Supply Unit.



Some notes on the Wireless Set No 11 supplied by Mike Kelly VK3CZ:

AWA in Sydney built a version the British No. 11 set . Although from the outside the two sets look similar, internally the sets are quite different . The AWA version used locally made valves and components in a new chassis layout . It appears that production got underway during late 41 or early 42 just when the British version ceased production . Approx. 5000 sets were made.

The decision to manufacture a British set designed for the temperate conditions of Europe was in hindsight a big mistake . Although The No. 11 set (Aust) was used in operations in the South West Pacific Area it proved to be too heavy and cumbersome for use in jungle terrain. It was also prone to breakdowns caused by moisture intrusion. The cotton covered wiring looms and inadequate waterproofing of the genemotor power supplies caused major headaches for signals ops.

Archive evidence has revealed that No. 11 sets (Aust) were actually not issued to units until adequate anti-moisture intrusion methods were devised. I have found no evidence of them being used in the Middle East but it is possible some were used there. The set was used in various roles in Australia including training wireless ops in classrooms. It was mounted in Aust. pattern Bren Carriers and the Aust. modified White Scout car as well as Blitz sig vans and Jeeps and other vehicles .

The set is housed in a khaki green steel case but the front panel is finished in black crackle paint . Two separate genemotor power supplies were housed in steel cases . A elaborate frame was used to support the set when used as a vehicle station . Post WW2 some sets were used by CFA units and radio hams into the 1950’s. The sets are reasonably common today but accessories such as the vehicle mounting frame and lid are very scarce .


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