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The end of a dream hobby 1982 - 2011

Unfortunately my business is longer running and here is the reason why..


2009 Cannon’s starting being subtly deceitful. (Long story)

but  when they discounted people heavily I asked them is this coming out of their profit or my costs?

It seems that to clinch sale they discounted but the cost was born by me. I told them that it was immoral to do it without consulting me.

As they are US Christians and so-called righteous people and Mark was also a cop. being told they were immoral mustn’t have gone over well.


Within a month they said they were going to close at the end of the year.

I said for my part of the business, six months would be fine (Jan 2011 to Jun 2011)

Mark never emailed or responded. I only heard from Sheila and that was only belief statement, like ‘where do you want your stuff sent?’ and ‘please pay us postage cost to get your stuff sent back to you’.


A friend phoned Mark in Jan 2011 and asked what was going on, Mark said he wouldn’t  help me or even pass on my names if asked.


I thought they would keep trading for the next 6 month and still take orders for me to make stuff, they didn’t! All they did was sell off what they had in stock.

As I didn’t know what was happening, I just thought business was slow and I waited, and waited. (no point emailing them as I knew they wouldn’t reply)


The showed no respect for any of their former or potential future customers. Even people needed anything fixed as a warrantee wouldn’t have been told who to go to.


Over the year Mark pleaded with me not have any other distributors so the business would be just ours and sell unique items. When they sold off everything, they sold many of my unique items to other competitor magic shops, so I couldn’t compete with my own products.


My cash flow dried up while waiting and my trust in Americans, ( in the six months of 2011 I got three inquires from Americans to be my distributors and two of them were just a distrustful)


In the end, just thinking of making something and going to my workshop reminds me how hypocritical , greedy and dishonest the Cannon’s actually are.


So all the fun was gone and I was left with nothing.

I have thousands of dollars of parts and no desire to do anything with them.

the Cannon’s still have a website so email them your thoughts