Bean Giant Key

Small double-bitted key to open the infamous Bean Giant handcuff.


Bean Giant Extension

The tool comes complete with seperate key #BGK that fits to is end. A necessity when the handcuff is locked on the wrists.


Boer War Plug Eight Key

Original key shape to fit the Boer War heavy plut eight handcuff. Steel.


Darby Cruciform Key

This is the handiest way to carry a darby opening tool for both handcuffs and leg iron. This tool is ideal for East Indian manufacturer darby handcuffs. Use this tool to test the lock before purchasing a handcuff at the antique store or flea market.


Extended Handcuff Key

For those times when the standard handcuff is just not long enough to reach the lock. Designed to assist in removing chain linked handcuff when applied behind the back with the palms facing outward. Needs practice to master. Two lengths available.

EJS 4, EKS 6
#EKS 4"   #EKL 6"

Houdini Cavity Padlock

According to 'Ripley's Believe it or Not' television production, this is one of Houdini's best kept secrets. A large lever padlock, measuring approximately 6" by 5" and 1" thick. This lock can be used on a cell or cage where the performer has access to reach the lock. Withou the use of keys or picks the lock can be secretly opened, literally. Inside the lock there is space for tools or keys required to open other locks and handcuffs.
Weight approx 5lb 6oz (2Kg).


Houdini Master Key

Made to open the English darby handcuffs. This key is semi adjustable to fit most darby handcuffs as the split in the side allows the internally threaded barrel to catch the locking bolt. Just a pull on the Master key is usually required to open the famous darbies.


Marlin Daley Key

This key is the only thing that will open the Marlin Daley bottle neck handcuffs. Made directly from the original key, this is not a key blank. This key will fit straight in and open the cuff.


Plug Eight Master Key

As pictured in Houdini's handcuff secrets, page 14.

This key will open most plug eight handcuff both light weight and Boer war models. Ideal for testing that handcuff that has no keys before you purchase.