Bagno Handcuff

Primitive handcuff made of 3/8 inch round bar stock. Closed with a large threaded wing nut which is locked by means of a padlock. Natural finish.


Berliner Handcuffs

Houdini is pictured wearing three of the four types in 'The Original Houdini Scrabbook' page 125. 'Houdini' - a picturial life' by Milbourne Christopher, Page 28. Handmade in steel and adjustable. (Approx. weight 1lb 2oz. 500 grammes.)


Darby Figure Eight Handcuff

The famous Irish Eight handcuff. Reproduced from the original solid cast model. This is not the 1970ºs style of two cuffs welded together. Natural steel finish.


Hamburg Eight

The favourite of collecors. German folding handcuff that keeps the wrists close together. The cuffs fold in half for ease when carrying and unfold to be locked around the wrists. Brass cast components for smooth operation and nickel plated. (Approx. weight 9oz. 250 grammes.)


Hillyard Handcuff

Unique handcuff with 'S' shaped bowe. Patented in 1932 but never made. You just can not get an original. Made like the patented item in natural steel finish. Ideal for aging. (Approx. weight 9oz. 250 grammes.)


Houdini Seance Handcuff

Houdini is supposed to have used this figure eight handcuff to challenge his competitors. The original is now in the Houdini collection of Mr Sid Radner. Made of steel with brass screws. Natural steel finish.


Letter Combination Padlock

Smaller version of the German letter combination padlock. Made with seven wheels as standard but can be made with up to seven wheels and opening on a word of your own choice. Wheel diameter 1 inch. (Approx. weight 1lb 4oz 600 grammes.)


Lorey Combination Handcuff

Combination lock handcuff, invented 1912 by Mr Lorey. Dial wheels to correct numbers, depress button at rear of cuff to open. To lock, scramble wheels and close shackle. Fully adjustable. Natural steel finish.


Mail Bag Bars (Pair)

5/8 inch diameter steel bars. Thread bars through eyelets in the top of your mail bag and secure with a padlock on each end. Padlocks can be supplied by your audience.


Mirror Handcuff

On Marth 18th 1904 the Mirror Newspaper of England challened Harry Houdini to escape this handcuff. The newspaper article reads "In his travels the journalist had encountered a Birmingham blacksmith who had spent five years of his life devising a lock which, he alleged 'no mortal man could pick'." Cast bronze and nickel plated, it fitted with or without original Bramah seven slider cylinder. Operate with 6 inch long key. (Approx. weight 2lb 8oz 1.15Kg.)

#MCB with Bramah cylinder / #MCW with substitute cylinder

Palmer Iron #4 without chain

2 x 1 _ inch wide steel straps encircle each wrist, then the cuff lock into each other. This manacle looks impressive. Restrictive with wrists together. Original invented in 1876. All steel natural finish.


Palmer Iron #4 with connecting chain

As above but with connecting chain to link to two cuffs. 12 inch chain with locks allows for some movement.


Palmer Iron Connecting Chain Only


Peerless Thumbcuff

Named Peerless but never actually made by the Peerless handcuff company. This thumbcuff was made by several companies and sold as a magicians prop. Nickel plated, non adjustable.


Rivetted Convict LegIrons

Used extensively throught the world in one form or another. This type was copied direct from leg iron used at Port Arthur Penal colony, Tasmania, Australia. (Approx. weight 3lb 1.450 Kgs.)


Russian Manacle 1902

The most impressive handcuff of all time, probably why Houdini is often shown wearing it. Most likely of his own design, the Russian manacle is a large bronze padlock with seperate shackles to encircle each wrist. Bronze body with nickel plated shackles, open with double bitted key. (Approx. weight 4lb 12oz 2.4 Kgs.)


Spanish Execution Handcuff

Modelled on the handcuff used when burning a prisoner at the stake. This handcuff locks both hands together. Nice looking piece of history with a not so nice tale. Steel body with brass lock. Antique Patina. (Approx. weight 1lb, 425 grammes.)



Bronze thumbscrew that are ideal for the thumb tie trick or just to cause discomfort. A padlock can be fastened through the hole in the tightening nut and around the bars for extra security. (Approx. weight 14oz. 350 grammes.)


Tower Kahlke Handcuff

Very few of these handcuffs were originally made. Invented by Mr Tower of the Tower handcuff company, this is a very restrictive double hand handcuff. Natural steel finish.


Tower Lyon Thumbcuff

All Steel, natural metal finish.