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Ian McColl, owner of Stockade Locksmiths is proud to have made all the locks and handcuffs for the movie Houdini-Believe. The story written by Pen Densham will star Jonathon Schaech as Harry Houdini and Stacy Edwards as Bess Houdini. LMK productions are currently making the movie for T.N.T. Turner. to be released in October 1998.

The most notable restraint was the Gold Czar's cuff. A handcuff which can only be opened by setting a series of wheels to a certain mark. These handcuff are to be used in the seance scene, were Houdini's spirit is called upon to open them.

Apart from the handcuffs used in the film itself, other items were required . The film studio also wanted to reproduce the original picture of Houdini (opposite).

Houdini is seen here fastened in a neck collar with German transport chains locked at the elbows. His wrists are shackled in a Utrecht prison handcuff and Russian manacle. Houdini's ankles are chained and locked with large Siberian jail cell padlocks. Connecting the other chains linking all restraints together are such formidable locks as Scandinavian padlocks and smaller Siberian jail cell padlocks.

Ian's brief was to duplicate the hardware and was supplied just one photograph. Using his extensive library of Houdiniana and wide knowledge of locks and keys throughout the ages, Ian was able to complete the task.

All items were made as full functioning locks or handcuffs. Some items were new at Houdini's time but other like the Siberian cell locks were aged to appear old.

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