Trunk Number Eight
Reproduction Handcuffs and Escape Equipment

If you were able to look inside Houdini's trunk #8, you would have seen all the things that were necessary for the master's great escapes. Tool, keys, pick and an assortment of odds and ends for when or if they were called for.

Apart from Houdini, only wife Bess and his trusted chief assistant Jim Collins were priviledged to the contents of the secret trunk number eight.

Open the catalog to Ian McColl's Trunc Number Eight, similar mysteries will unforld. Since 1981 Ian McColl has coupled his twenty years of locksmithing skills and interest customized escape equipment of artistry to produce reproduction handcuffs and customized escape equipment of the highest order.

Have you ever looked through a copy of Houdini's 'Handcuff Secrets' and though 'I wish I had a pair of those' or seen Houdini incarcerated in heavy manacles and considered 'what would they be like to wear.' You can! Make your selection from a range of handcuffs that helped create Houdini and have your own.

Rare and unique handcuffs are sought by many collectors and the scarcity of some items means that only the chosed few will ever see or be able to handle some of them.

Many collectors and escape artists alike from around the world have purchased his quality products. Reproductions can fit the need of a performer or a display. Using an antique is really out the question when they may become damaged or even stolen. All products are made from either steel, brass or bronze - materials that will last. Information for making the reproductions has been obtained through different sources including expired patents, collectors, drawings and the original pieces.

Private collectors have used Ian's skills to have a customized item made to fit their personal requirements, usually an item to fill a gap in a collection. Others have had rare pieces made because they would never get to see or handle the original piece.

Ian has been dubbed the 'New Jimmy Collins' by many professional escape artists, Jummy Collins was Houdini's most loyal and inventive assistant. Like his mentor, Ian creates and manufactures escape equipment, and supplies the same ethical traditions to his business.

Whatever you require, may it be gaffed Berliner to a Smith & Wesson, or a reproduction of an escape tool from days of old or modern lock pick, give Ian a call or drop him a line. If you have an idea, he can make it a reality. All custom made work is held with the greatest confidence.