andra is a modern witch girl who prefers guitars to broomsticks and rock music to drone-like chants. She admires the way the Pied Piper - one of the most famous witches in history - was able to enchant as well as entertain with the music he played on his pipe.

Zandra is determined to enchant people with her music, too. The only problem is how?

"Give it up," advises Famous the frog, her familiar. "My de-ar, you are quite tone-deaf and quite, quite rhythmless."

Well! What's a witch girl to do?

Her first attempts at playing her electric guitar cause not only structural damage to the family home but also the family familiars to move out. Music lessons only improve the situation a fraction; and neither her parents nor her brother, Gasgon, nor the other familiars seem for once able to offer assistance.

Then, one starry night, Zandra finds a greater magic than the power of the magical chants or the spells and potions taught by the local covern. And it's a magic every human being posesses...

This is the second book by Wendy Maree Peterson in her series of glitter lit children's stories. Glitter lit is filled with brilliant colour, joy,fun, the magic of nature and the mysteries that sparkle at the edge of our reality.

BEWITCHED AND ENCHANTED will soon be available from Twilight Times Books for download as a story ebook. Details of download dates will be posted when they become available. The ebook will also have illustrations by Wendy done in a visual glitter lit style which enhances and illuminates the story.

If you want more information on the story or about the book, feel free to email your enchantress, Wendy Maree Peterson.

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