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If real estate agents discover the truth about the beach near Jesse's house, property values would triple. This magical beach has fairies living in nests on the foreshore.

These fairy penguins are her best friends, and while Jesse is with them her life becomes enchanted, too. As soon as her fairy friends return home in the evening, they tell Jesse about their fantastic adventures in the ocean. But even better than listening to their fairy stories, the penguins promise they will take her with them on their next adventure.

One diamond day, Jesse and the penguins sail out into the ocean and meet the mightiest ocean fairy of all - the Selkie. He is beautiful and wild beyond human imagination. Vegemite is concerned Jesse will fall in love with the Selkie and forget about his tuna sandwiches. But when her dinghy sinks to the ocean floor, it is the Selkie who rescues her. Jesse does fall in love with the magnificent Selkie who wears pearls in his hair and a pearl encrusted lyre strapped around his shoulder. However, without her little boat, she fears she'll never see him again or hear his enchanted music.

However, Vegemite, the clumsiest penguin - and the one responsible for the dinghy sinking in the first place - provides the answer and shows Jesse that fairy penguins are just as magical and heroic as any other fairy.

If you like super heroes, romance and fantasy this is a story you'll never forget.

If you wish to view an illustration from the story and hear the mighty Selkie speak, click on the mermaid below:   (compatible with I.E. browsers only)

OCEAN FAIRIES is the second glitter lit multimedia story book by Wendy and illustrated both by Wendy and Ardy Scott. It is intended for children of 10 years and older. The ebook (pdf and html) was released by Twilight Times Books in November and the orchestrated CD Rom will be published around January/February next year.

Wendy has been working on the Ocean Fairies project for many years, composing the music and designing the CD ROM, making animations and - most importantly - making sure the characters are brought to life in a way they would approve of. And speaking of the characters, would you like to meet them?

The only human character is Jesse - the sweet-natured, shy young girl who is the fairy penguins' best friend. Because of her shyness, she doesn't have many human friends, but the fairy penguins love her just the way she is. Jesse bravely agrees to venture out on the ocean in nothing more than a rubber dinghy. While she loses the dinghy, she gains something much better. . .a close encounter with the mighty and magical Selkie. The enchantment he weaves is something no girl, from Snow White to Sleeping Beauty, can resist.

The Selkie was born of an ancient gods of the sea now lost in time. He is, in fact, a demigod. However, no created being is deified today. These powerful creatures are now considered to be a part of the fairy or elemental kingdom of nature.

The loveable penguins are fairies, too; and are just as magical, in their own way, as the Selkie. Everyone will want a penguin for their very own after reading about Roger, Vegemite, Timothy and Coral. Roger is the leader of the penguins and nothing ever ruffles his feathers. Although Jesse adores all her penguin friends, Vegemite is the one she finds either the most loveable or the most annoying, depending on his mood. Eating tuna sandwiches and listening to Jesse's fairy tales are his favourite things - other than having adventures in the ocean.

Coral, the only female penguin, is the sweetest and cutest and is Jesse's lap-top model - err, penguin. Timothy is the youngest - little more than a baby - and not quite as adventurous as the rest of the clan.

If you would like to preview the story, go HERE

OCEAN FAIRIES will soon be available from
TWILIGHT TIMES BOOKS for download as an illustrated ebook (novel length) and a little later as an illustrated and orchestrated CD ROM. The CD ROM version will also feature the voices of the characters.

* The design on this page was by the author who gratefully acknowledges Alan of PSP-Tubes as the creator of the shells. They are used with his permission. Visit his site for more wonderful and amazing tubes.

The mermaid doll was created by Dollzmania - which is one of the best site for dollz on the net - and was recoloured, designed and animated by Wendy. The body base used for the illustration of Jesse was from Nunilwens Dolls. Love the beautiful dolls that can be found here.

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