nce upon a time - it was THAT long ago - I heard a little girl's voice say in my mind: "I once knew a sea witch. Honest! But she's gone away to sea, now, as she always said she would."

Years passed before the story had completely unfolded and the enigmatic personality of the beautiful sea witch was revealed.

Well, almost. :-)

THE TAIL OF THE SEA WITCH has layers of dreams within dreams. Wouldn't we all like to live in a large houseboat on a private lagoon surrounded by 'a jungle of jewels'. And wouldn't every girl love to have their very own sea witch as Marina does? Especially one who knows the magic of 'opposites' - where dreams and reality merge into one.

Eleven-year-old Marina tells the story of the adventures she shared with the sea witch and the rich and magical relationship that developed between them. But because Marina is so fanciful, we are never really sure if her interpretation of the sea witch is based on reality. Perhaps the 'sea witch' is just an enigmatic, lonely lady recovering from a past tragedy. However, as the story becomes more soaked in unexplainable mystical happenings, we wonder if the magic - where dreams and reality merge into one - hasn't enchanted both Marina and the reader.

THE TAIL OF THE SEA WITCH has been awarded The LiFE Award by Dr Bob Rich. This award is given to those books that promote an awareness of conservation. The wild areas are important not only for providing a home for all creatures, but also for the special magic these areas and creatures bring into our lives and the lives of our children.
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The Tail Of The Sea Witch is more than just a story. It is an animated, orchestrated and illustrated multimedia experience. One of the biggest crazes on the net at the moment is cartoon dollz. With permission from Audrey of Dollz Mania, I've downloaded one of her beautiful dollz, made a few alterations to transform her into Madame and created clothes to match Madame's fabulous wardrobe. Some of the clothing from Dollzmania was perfect, so I used those as well. After the dollz were dressed, they were animated to express a mood from each chapter.

The white and black animation on the welcome page is based on a tutorial by Joy of Joy Designs which I animated. There are some amazing tutorials at this site.

The project is now available from Twilight Times Books in html ebook format for download (without the music) and also accompanied by wonderful sea witch music on CD Rom. Just click on the Twilight Times logo below to be taken to the online store.

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THE TAIL OF THE SEA WITCH contains eleven illustrations by talented digital artist, ARDY SCOTT, who also has illustrated her own magnificent new age fantasy,

PROPHECY: The Awakening

Also available from:

You can visit Ardy's website and view other projects and stories she's illustrated - including the sequel to Prophecy: The Awakening.

PROPHECY: Threads Of Doubt

The magic of the SEA WITCH awaits you:

Ocean Fairies   become bewitched and enchanted

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