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Gippsland Map Series

We welcome you to view the 'South Gippsland Map Series' by Dave Clarke (David, E. Clarke), an animated, humorous, artistic rendition following the coastline, from South Gippsland up to NSW. This style of map evolved from Dave drawing 'mud maps' for the traveler interested in discovering more of the local region, and has proved very popular to both local and international visitors. On the basis of the success of these maps he has gone on to draw

The Australia Map & Mornington Peninsula Map

South Gippsland Wilsons Promontory Phillip Island
East Gippsland & Lakes Systems East Gippsland & S-E NSW

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See Larger Map of South Gippsland 'South Gippsland' extending from Dandenong/Phillip Island in the West to Sale/Yarram in the East, incorporating Wilsons Promontory. Print size - A1 (685mm x 475mm - 27" x 183/4")
See Larger Map of Wilsons Promontory 'Wilsons Promontory' - a more detailed overview of 'The Prom'. Print size - A1 (475mm x 685mm - 183/4" x 27")

Information - Wilsons Promontory - History, walks on the Prom, aboriginal legend, Accommodation, towns & ports, forests & falls, bays, inlets & beaches on the Prom Coast

See Larger Map of Phillip Island 'Phillip Island' - South Gippsland - a more detailed map of the island. Print size - A1 (685mm x 475mm - 27" x 183/4")
See Larger Map of East Gippsland & Lakes System 'East Gippsland and Lakes System' - beginning at Maffra/Sale, extending beyond Orbost to Cabbage Tree Creek including Cape Conran. Print size - 825mm x 585mm - 321/2" x 23".
See Larger Map of East Gippsland & South East NSW 'East Gippsland/South-East NSW' - continuing on from 'East Gippsland and Lakes System' and follows the coast up to Bermagui in New South Wales. Print size - 825mm x 585mm - 321/2" x 23".
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WILSONS PROMONTORY - information about the prom, walks, beaches, towns